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Awakening Your Purpose & Vision
      Time Required: 15-20 minutes
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Awakening Your Purpose & Vision®
This engaging personal development tool, complete with laminated canvas and stickers, helps individuals discover and view the important elements of their life in order to write a purpose and vision statement.
For Individuals
  • A structured way of reflecting on individual talents, values, and interests to see what really matters for the future.
  • A series of thought-provoking questions that lead to writing a purpose or mission in life.
  • An engaging laminated canvas and stickers for discovering and viewing the important elements of their lives.
  • Support in deciding the legacy they want to leave and the purpose of every day.
For Managers
  • An exciting tool that leads to powerful reflection and planning.
  • A guidebook for leading people to decide their mission in life.
  • Many elements- values, interests, talents — that can be visually displayed and used in coaching discussions.
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