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TEAMSMART Interest Cards Assessment
      Time Required: 15-20 minutes
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TEAMSMART® Cards Assessment
Develop Your Team
Some teams perform better than others. Four core competencies – Generating Ideas, Building Esprit, Managing Boundaries, and Organizing Work and 52 skills define high performing teams. Use these cards to assess the strengths and gaps of any team, as well as each person on the team. You’ll then know what actions to take to enhance team effectiveness. See also TEAMSMART® Guide.
For Individuals
  • An easy-to-use tool (52 card deck) for assessing their natural competencies and skills in team settings.
  • A way to understand when and why teams aren’t working and easy to execute ideas on how they can improve teamwork.

For Managers
  • A fun tool (52 card deck) for assessing the strengths and gaps of any team and filling the skill gaps.
  • Insight into new behaviors required to enhance teamwork and quick drills to make that happen.
  • A great method for developing people at every meeting – on every project.
  • Clarity on the core competencies and skills required when adding new people to any team.
  • Easy way to give feedback and recognition at every team meeting.

For Organizations
  • A coherent framework for staffing teams – so that four core competenices for effective teams are always present.
  • A tool for managers and team leaders that build their confidence and skill in forming, leading and enhancing teams.
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