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TALENTSORT Interest Cards Assessment
      Time Required: 15-20 minutes
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TALENTSORT Interest Cards Assessment
Are your employees happy in their current job and/or profession? Did you know that everyone has a natural affinity, one that can be defined by the activities they love to do most, and that all jobs and professions have a unique interest profile? Do you know what your employees' fundamental interest profiles look like and how to leverage them? People rave about this tool. It is simple and fun to use and includes an online 52-card sort that helps individuals focus on what is really important to them.
For Individuals
  • A fun and easy way to sort individual interests and skills and see what activities are critical for them to be truly happy at work.
  • A Personal Interest Profile, including the top ten activities that makes work fun and enables peak performance for each individual.
  • Discover interest gaps in an employee's current position and what they can do about it.
  • Showcase Professions and Positions in the broader world of work for employees to explore that are in-sync with their interests.
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