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What will we
accomplish together?
  • Learn more about your needs and issues
  • Share our strategic approach to Talent Management and Career Development
  • Highlight our expertise, capabilities, and solutions
  • Determine best next steps to partner with you and your team
Customer Demonstrations
How Can We Best Support You?
First, we want to better understand your needs and issues. Then we want you to better understand our capabilities and potential solutions. We'll help you see new solutions to accomplish your objectives. Please contact us to talk with one of our experienced consultants.

Here are three ways for you to learn more about us and how we can partner with you:
Contact Us
E-mail or call us now to talk with one of our experienced consultants.
2 Schedule a Virtual Meeting with one of our Senior Consultants so we can learn more about you. You will learn more about our capabilities and solutions and how we can best support you. As a first step, we recommend a 30-60 minute virtual meeting to maximize our time together.
3 Preview Our Career Management Tools - for Employees and Managers: Contact Us now for FREE temporary access to any of three sample assessments.
  • Career Initiative® Assessment – Shift the responsibility for career and professional development to your employees. Employees learn a strategic career road map for success and receive a personal report with recommendations for action.
  • TALENTSORT® Interest Card Assessment – Help your employees understand their interest preferences and ways to apply them to their current positions and long-term career aspirations.
  • TALENTBUILDER® Assessment – Learn best practices to engage, develop, and retain your talented and high potential individuals. Help your leaders, managers, and supervisors assess their actions in five A+ Management Practices for success!

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