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Engage Employees - Career Assessments
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  Robust Reporting
Robust Reporting
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Proven Track Record and Ease of Use
  • 120+ Organizations have selected MasteryWorks, Inc.
  • Over 600,000 managers and employees have access
  • Recognized best-in-class strategic career development roadmap
  • Implemented in wide range of industries
  • User-friendly and highly interactive assessments
  • Multiple methodologies – assessments, questionnaires, card games, surveys and planners
  • Engaging, fun, practical and easy to use – provide practical recommendations for employees and managers
  • Assessments include user specific Personal Report and Recommendations
  • Customizable – to meet your specific needs
  • Branding – look and feel, logos, colors, etc.
  • Co-design contents, interfaces, and reporting requirements
  • Organizational Resource Integration - we highlight and link to existing organizational systems, programs, or processes
Robust Reporting and Tracking Capabilities
  • Portal, Assessment, and Resource Utilization Reporting
  • On-line – 24/7 Reporting
  • Monthly or quarterly detailed reports
  • Robust “usage” reporting by different demographics
  • Aggregate “results” can be provided by different demographic variables in order to benchmark and track success in MSExcel Pivot table format for customer analysis
Turn Key Solutions
  • Scalable
  • Speedy Implementation
Secure and Supported
  • Requires ONLY Internet Connection for use by employees and managers.
  • Can be accessed from both company intranet and/or internet from home or other locations
  • Hosted externally by vendor in secure environment for ease of implementation, customization, maintenance, security patches/ updates, etc. – Turn-key solution for customers
  • Provides robust on-line HELP.
Cost Effective
We work closely with potential customers to meet both their content and budget needs. Flexible and cost effective purchase options are available. Customer options include:
  • Enterprise License - Unlimited Use
  • Blocks of User Accounts based on budget constraints and implementation plans
Proven Impact
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