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Why Mastery
Today many of us feel powerless facing unprecedented change and complexity. Organizations and jobs are unstable. People are working longer hours and feeling hollow. They’re asking “what’s it all about?” The stress, depression and unhappiness in the U.S. is costing billions of dollars in medical fees. Millions of workers are “jobbers” instead of masters of a profession or trade. They are easily expendable. A commodity! This produces great stress, which brain researchers assert is counter-productive to creativity and innovation – a necessary condition for global success.

Why is it so important to be on a mastery path? Our souls and spirits need this. We each long to make a difference. Leave a legacy. We want our work to have meaning for ourselves and others. If you can see how your work directly contributes to the care and satisfaction of a basic human need (affordable housing, strategic financial plans, energy-efficient transportation, compassionate health care, etc.), you are more likely to take on disciplined learning and feel fulfilled. The choices we’re making as a society require depth and breadth in core professions. We’re at turning points as a global society.

Being well grounded and practiced (masterful) in a body of knowledge (profession or trade) gives us: well-being and happiness; courage to take values-driven action; wisdom in where and how to contribute; stability and confidence in the enduring nature of our field; natural desire to mentor and influence others; and passion for continuous learning.

Mastery and innovation in fields of human endeavor lead to breakthroughs in human achievement….
With each human achievement, the “bar is raised.” People see new possibilities and opportunities. They dream new and bigger dreams. They feel like they’ve had an impact.

Each achievement has its own story and required set of professions and trades. Each story demonstrates the process whereby one breakthrough builds upon another, causing an ever-rising tide of accomplishment and improvement of the human condition. There were masters at the helm with astonishing vision in each of these human achievements.

Today we need breakthroughs in human achievement – transportation that is environmentally sound; economic theories and practices that equalize the wealth and resources of our world; workplaces that value family, community and health, as well as productivity; education that evokes thinking and relevance; homes that are affordable for the masses; and on and on. As in each of the human achievements cited, we need a convergence of masters in a multiplicity of fields working together to resolve these issues. Mastery is more important than ever.
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