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Your Role in Developing Mastery
Talent management systems either help or hinder mastery of a particular profession or trade. Listed below are several ways HR professionals can assist management in developing an appetite and culture for mastery:
  • Build consensus with the leadership on the core and secondary professions/trades required to accomplish the organization mission and strategic initiatives;
  • Clearly define and communicate the practices and competencies required for different levels of mastery in each profession;
  • Distinguish the practices and competencies needed to become masterful in a profession or trade from those “soft skills” required to work successfully in organizations;
  • Identify “masters” in each profession and develop ways to leverage their know-how and mentorship;
  • Make it easy for individuals to discover and stay with their passion, get compensated for their contributions and not need to move into management to better their salary;
  • Build multiple career paths and support them with compensation systems that reward mastery in each path – e.g. professional tracks, managerial tracks, administrative tracks, etc.; and
  • Showcase people who are making great contributions in their profession – both to the organization and to the field.

MasteryWorks, Inc, has developed a computer based talent mapping system that addresses many of the practices above. Multiple mastery paths can be communicated to employees. Individuals have the information to choose between following their passion and developing depth in their profession rather than feeling forced into management.
Test Your Mastery System NOW
If you asked 10 people in your organization the following questions, how well would they be able to answer:
  • What profession or field do you work in? -- Radiology, Biology, Finance, Marketing, HR, Architecture, Facilities Management, Electrical Engineering, Geology, Plumbing, etc.
  • What are the 8-10 core practices required to be at the top of your field? more...
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