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Find the Right Internship
Based on the approach and core principles of our CAREERSMART™ framework, this guide for high school or college students will give you a turn-key solution for supporting your internship coordinators, career counselors, and teachers to support students in finding the right internship. INTERNSMART™ - Find the Right Internship will help students find an internship that fits their needs and interests, understand how they fit into the broader world of work, learn how to leverage their network and make meaningful connections, and discover ways to effectively market themselves to find the right internship.

For Individuals
  • Identify and understand your unique talents, interests and goals in order to define search criteria.
  • Define your skills, reputation and network
  • Learn the differences between professions and jobs, why industry trends are important, and how to choose the right organization.
  • Identify top choices for an internship. Learn how to narrow them down.
  • Develop a plan that works for you. Prepare a resume and letter of introduction.
  • Make effective connections with potential employers – how to make a phone call, and have a good interview.
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