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Succeed in Your Internship
Based on the approach and core principles of our CAREERSMART™ framework, this guide for high school or college students will give you a turn-key solution for supporting your internship coordinators, career counselors, teachers and organizational intern supervisors. INTERNSMART™ - Succeed in Your Internship, which includes a wealth of robust activities, will help your interns maximize their experience. The guide will help students better understand the strengths and value they bring to the table, learn what counts for success, see how their internship fits into the broader world of work, and will help them create a portfolio of learning and experience as a result.

For Individuals
  • See how personality, values and interests play a role in how work gets done.
  • Assess your performance onsite individually and on teams, manage your reputation and learn how to establish clear expectations.
  • Learn how what you do every day ties to the mission of the organization, the industry and the various professions or trades you are exploring.
  • Do activities that teach you about networking, how basic needs drive the work you are doing, the difference between a profession or trade and a job, etc.
  • Capture the lessons you learned through conversations with your supervisor and others in the organization.
  • Evaluate you experience by looking at what you brought to the internship, the contributions you made and what worked or didn't work.
For Organizations
  • Use this guide as a resource or "curriculum" for your interns as they explore the profession, organization and industry.
  • Support your supervisors as they mentor and coach their interns.
  • Develop a future talent pool by giving your interns what they need to perform at their best.
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