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Design Your Future
Each one of us is a "work in progress." Our past accompanies us in our memories, experiences, and accomplishments, as well as in our daily habits. In order to build a future aligned with our aspirations, we need to revisit our past and look clearly at our present. By living in both realms, we gain an enhanced vision: one that surveys all possibilities, and one that helps us choose what we want to pursue and master. Our tools, workshops, and services help individuals take charge of their lives and design them in a way to reduce stress and realize their dreams.
For Individuals
  • A heightened appreciation of the past, and the ability to see how to best leverage future needs and opportunities.
  • A renewed sense of purpose, based on accomplishments and life aspirations.
  • Clearly-defined life and work goals for the next 10 years.
  • An assessment of the 12 Basic Needs, and knowledge of where to invest future time and attention.
  • A personal LifeMap™ including goals, actions, and a support network.
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